Artiste Management

ACTION Entertainment offers a professional and comprehensive management program for gospel performers, contracted to the company. The company will ensure that performers businesses and financial affairs are handled with the highest level of professionalism. With assigned representatives, this will remove the performer completely from the stress of dealing directly with promoters/producers. The company will provide spiritual guidance from its intercessors as well as professionals to assist performer in areas of weakness.

Gospel Promotions

ACTION Entertainment effectively, aggressively and strategically promotes gospel concerts and events of likeness. The company’s promotions campaign will create an awareness of equal or higher magnitude of the secular industry.

Media Relations

ACTION Entertainment serves as a media broker in order to provide its clients with the most affordable advertising rates available by various media houses not limited to those of a religious format. We utilize all that’s available including radio, television, newspaper and the Internet.

Radio Promotion

ACTION Entertainment offers to its clients and contracted Artiste, effective radio promotion via album airplay. The company produces promos, commercials, jingles/stingers and public service announcements. The company will schedule interviews along with live and or delay broadcast of events.

Booking Agency

ACTION Entertainment provides booking for performers of various gospel expressions and genre of gospel music, with exclusive and nonexclusive contracts with the company.

Gospel Production

ACTION Entertainment professionally produce its own and contracted gospel concerts, conferences, seminars and other events of likeness, providing full and partial packages.

MC Services

ACTION Entertainment offers professional MC services for Gospel concerts, weddings, banquets and other related events that may require same or similar services.


ACTION Entertainment produces biographies, press releases, press kits, bulletins, programs, event flyers, posters, event tickets, brochures among other promotional products such as pens, mugs, key chains, mouse pads, caps, t-shirts and any other products that will effectively publicize and promote events and clients.

“Experience the difference”