Artiste Benefits

Role in the Entertainment Industry

Artiste Benefits

  1. Prepare and distribute press kits (business card, photo, bio, CD etc).
  2. Display Artiste on company’s website and update Artiste’s website.
  3. Professional Representation at events (securing meals, sound checks, agreed stage time,buffer between promoter, engineer, mc and stage manager).
  4. Contractual Agreements (All engagements will be accompanied by a signed contract).
  5. Radio Promotion and tracking (provide radio stations with cds for airplay and promotion.
  6. purpose & tracking Artiste position on charts).
  7. Publicity (sending out press releases, co-ordinate media tours, interviews, meet & greets,autograph signing).
  8. Events Broker (Solicit engagements for Artiste locally and internationally)
  9. Preference (Contracted Artistes will be first referred on all enquiries).
  10. Promote Artiste globally (via electronic and print media including internet)
  11. Display, promote and sell merchandise at engagements.
  12. Copies of all contracts will be made available to Artiste.
  13. Benefits are not limited to those sated above.
  14. ***Benefits are not limited to those stated above

Artiste Responsibility

  • Artiste MUST direct and or redirect all enquiries to Agent (via: phone numbers, business cards, website, email etc.)
  • Artiste MUST present Agent’s business cards upon request.
  • Artiste MUST display Agent’s logo, business name and contact information on all promotional materials including CDs, photos, post cards, website etc.
  • Artiste MUST promote Agent with vested interest.
  • Artiste MUST NOT share booking information, fees and or availability or non-availability with prospective promoter/ purchaser.


  • Negotiate the Terms of Artiste Services (Contract)
  • Supervise Artiste professional employment
  • Consult prospective employers
  • Encourage proper use and continued demand for Artiste’s services

Counsel & Advise

  • Proper format for Artiste presentation
  • Selection of third parties to assist, accompany and embellish Artiste.
  • Selection and preparation of musical materials

Matters pertaining to publicity, advertising and public relations


  • Help with major career decisions
  • Help with creative process, selecting producers etc:
  • Promotion of career by hyping you to everyone
  • Assembling and heading up a professional team i.e. Lawyers, agents, etc.
  • Co-ordinating tours
  • Work with record company to co-ordinate advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Act as buffer between promoters and Artiste

Record Company

  • Suggest and assist in ways for them to meet sales expectations.
  • Follow up on royalties and statements for Artiste

To Public

  • Keep Artiste aware of role to the audience
  • Develop great show and attitude
  • Meets and Greets
  • Autographs
  • Keeping Artiste focused

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